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7 Easy – and Joyful – Bathroom Storage Solutions

7 Easy Tips for a More Organized Bathroom by Marie Kondo

Even the smallest of bathrooms has major storage potential. When tidying a bathroom using the KonMari Method™, designating a spot for each of your favorite items will keep you organized for years to come.

Enjoying a more peaceful area each time you shower or bathe is not the only benefit of tidying your bathroom. A clean, uncluttered space energizes anyone who enters it and makes it easier to find what you need. You may even discover more streamlined daily routines along the way! For a bathroom that sparks joy, try these seven solutions.


Tidy by category, not location

You may have beauty products scattered throughout the house – on a dresser, in a nightstand, tucked away in a handbag or suitcase or even in coat pockets. Gathering all – and we mean all – of your belongings in one place is the first step in determining how many of these komono products you already own. Then, you can more confidently decide which items you wish to keep.

Of course, if you share a bathroom with others, you may need to hold on to some products in your own space to accommodate family members’ or roommates’ toiletries, too. In this case, you can still adapt some of the tips below to ensure your bathroom is as tidy as can be.


Discard First

It’s important to eliminate excess before you begin the organization process. When it comes to your bathroom, this may mean parting with makeup you rarely find yourself applying, expired medication and beauty products or hand towels that could be better repurposed as rags. Thank these items for their service and part with them. What remains should be only those items that spark joy.

“Dirty cosmetic containers are pretty gross. You should wipe any cases that contain powders frequently to keep them clean. If you don’t, beauty will slip further and further away.”


Create Space

Create space anywhere you can – in drawers, on the walls or under the sink. Add shelves or hooks where you can to keep items as much as possible off the floor. If your bathroom sink does not feature built-in storage underneath, don’t let the open space go to waste! Fashion a makeshift cabinet with the help of boxes or bins.

It is up to you to determine the best bathroom configuration – and the most helpful storage solutions – to suit your personal needs.


Tackle Travel-Sized Toiletries and Other Minis

There is no need to hold onto each mini shampoo bottle or conditioner you’ve picked up during past hotel stays; rather, keep just a few favorites. Place all of the bottles you wish to keep in a Hikidashi box and donate the rest. A shoebox can also make for particularly useful storage – it’s easy to access prior to your next getaway but won’t take up too much space.

Smaller everyday items such as nail polishes or lip balms will also benefit from being housed upright in a container. From a repurposed business card holder to a small decorative basket, , any joyful receptacle will do. Just find ones that work best for your space – bonus points if they can double as dividers on a shelf or in a drawer. Be judicious about what you do choose to store. If there are products you have barely used and they still don’t spark joy, they should be discarded.


Organize Your Cosmetic Bags

Bags should be stored inside other bags when possible. This applies to toiletry cases, too! Place smaller pouches inside a vanity case for safekeeping. Then, toss any receptacles that no longer spark joy. If the interior is coated in spilled makeup or the fabric on the case is worn beyond repair, it’s time to let go. Thank such pieces for their service, then discard them.


Store Toilet Paper Thoughtfully

Toilet paper is happiest placed in a basket or box or on a shelf. If you must keep toilet paper in the original packaging, remove it from its plastic and throw away that wrapping once you’re down to the last few rolls.


Free Up Floor Space

Nothing should be kept on the bathroom floor aside from a trash can and toilet brush. Anything else must be stored on a shelf or in a cabinet using one of the methods recommended above.

“During the tidying process, there comes a moment when you realize that you have just the right amount of stuff. I call this the click point. It’s the moment when, after discarding everything but the things you love, you know that you have all you need to feel content.”

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