KonMari Media Inc.

Co-founded by Marie Kondo in 2015, KonMari Media Inc. is a startup based in San Francisco.

Our mission

KonMari Media Inc. (“KMI”) is dedicated to organizing the world and sparking joy in people’s lives.

The KMI team aims to spread the KonMari philosophy and establish a global community of people who lead lives that spark joy by leveraging organizational capacity, technology, and partnerships.

Working at KMI

I truly appreciate that KMI allows me to be honest about what sparks joy in my work and supports a work-life balance! I feel as though everything I’ve learned since coming to this country has prepared me for this moment. I get to use all my past experiences and resources, as well as reinvent myself for the next phase of my life, as I help spread the KonMari philosophy.

Miho Armacost, Executive Personal Assistant

Working for a company that is dedicated to making the world a happier place sparks joy for me every day. The team encourages me to get involved in projects outside my direct field, which helps me grow and ensures there is never a dull moment! I also love learning about how Certified Consultants’ lives have changed and how they get to spark joy for a living.

Christina Cheadle, Project Manager

KonMari Media Inc. is truly dedicated to sparking joy in people’s lives around the world! My colleagues are highly motivated and encouraging of my ideas. Above all, they draw on my strengths and always support my growth.

Theresa Lin, Social Media Manager & Digital Content Creator

The thing I like most about working for KMI is interviewing people and sharing their life-changing stories through the KonMari Newsletter. After I started working at KMI, I began asking myself, ‘Does this spark joy for me?’, whenever I make decisions.

Eka Watanabe, Social Media Intern

What we do

KMI is engaged in a broad range of activities, from planning and coordinating Marie Kondo’s media appearances to hosting Consultant Seminars across the world.

We have developed partnerships with established media companies to produce content, as well as published Marie Kondo’s books, which have sold over 8 million copies globally. In the past, we have also worked with fashion startups, prominent publications, and large-scale events such as SXSW.

An international team with interests and skills as wide-ranging as our work, KMI welcomes people with diverse backgrounds and skills from around the world.


Join our mission to organize the world and spark joy in people’s lives! Want to join our team, but don't see an open position that fits your unique skills? Reach out to us through our Contact form.

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