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Photo and video courtesy of Netflix

Behind the Scenes of Marie’s Netflix Show

I love seeing all of the posts and stories about how my new Netflix show has inspired people to tidy their homes and find joy in their lives. What has surprised me the most is the speed at which people have responded. It’s only been a few weeks, but viewers are putting the KonMari Method™ into action immediately – folding their clothes and joy-checking their belongings! I’m still a little bit in shock – and overwhelmed with gratitude.

With “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” I was able to introduce the fundamentals of my tidying method. The benefit of my show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” is that you can see what it looks like when the KonMari Method™ is applied in a home. My hope is that by witnessing this transformation, you will be motivated to join the movement!

Photos by @ronandwendyakiyama and Denise Crew for Netflix

The Largest Clothing Mound I’ve Ever Seen

Helping Ron and Wendy Akiyama learn how to tidy their home (in episode 102) was a huge challenge for me. For one thing, their home was the biggest one we tackled in the show. The garage was as densely packed as a meatloaf, filled with keepsakes accumulated over thirty years, including an extensive collection of Christmas decorations. They could have opened a Christmas shop right inside their house!

The biggest hurdle was Wendy’s wardrobe. She won, hands down, the largest volume of clothing ever owned by one of my clients. Honestly, after my first visit, I was worried about whether she could actually finish…

Photo by Denise Crew for Netflix

“As Ron and Wendy began to rediscover each other and their family history through the process of tidying up, the bond between the couple deepened.”

— Marie Kondo

But the life-changing magic of tidying up soon cast its spell over the couple. Each time I visited, the number of belongings was noticeably reduced, the floors gradually emerged, and the atmosphere in the house cleared. As Ron and Wendy began to rediscover their family history through the process of tidying up, the bond between them deepened. By my final visit, not only had their home been completely transformed, but Ron and Wendy had been transformed as well.

The sincerity and enthusiasm with which Ron and Wendy tackled this project – working late into the night, confronting their habits and imagining the future they desired – moved me to tears. It was a very powerful experience, and I’m so happy that it was captured on film for others to witness.

Marie Kondo talking to Frank and Matt while filming Tidying Up With Marie Kondo
Photo by Denise Crew for Netflix

Eight Families, Eight Stories

Ron and Wendy are just one of the eight wonderful families I had the opportunity to work with while filming this show. The Friends, the Mersiers, the Hodges, the Smith-Hartmans, the Mattisons, the Lemuses and the Watsons all touched me deeply, each with their own unique values and struggles – and ultimately, their own successes!

My greatest wish is for viewers to begin their own tidying festivals. As you move through the KonMari Method™, I hope that you will develop a greater sense of gratitude for your belongings…and that your lives will spark even more joy than before.

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