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Behind the Scenes: Poshmark x Marie Kondo

We are excited to announce that Marie Kondo is partnering with Poshmark, the leading social marketplace for new and secondhand style for women, men and kids. After deciding which items you want to keep in your closet, give pre-loved clothing and accessories new life by listing them – they may spark even more joy for their next owner. Poshmark creates a simple and social way to enter the circular economy – letting go with gratitude made easy! 

The Poshmark x Marie Kondo partnership consists of two elements: national television ads and a List with KonMari Sweepstakes, a three-day event where consumers can enter to win a virtual meeting with a certified KonMari Consultant as well as Posh Credit to use on the resale platform.

In the television commercials airing in the U.S. and Canada, Marie encourages gratitude for once-loved clothing and sparking joy through resale. The ads focus on the feelings of nostalgia that accompany looking at favorite articles of clothing – the items that once brought so much joy, but no longer serve such a purpose – and letting them bring joy to someone else.

From March 20 – March 22, 2021, Poshmark will be hosting the List with KonMari Sweepstakes. To enter, Poshmark users must list one item for sale, with each additional listing counting as an additional entry. More details to come through our social channels on Saturday, March 20th – stay tuned!

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