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Behind the Scenes: “Sparking Joy” on Netflix

Our thriving tidying community served as an inspiration for my new Netflix miniseries, “Sparking Joy.” Now, that same community is sharing an outpouring of positive responses, touching stories and tidying triumphs – for which I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

“Sparking Joy” highlights three heartwarming stories about the transformative power of tidying – even in settings beyond the home – and the ripple effect that tidying can have on our families, loved ones and communities.

Throughout the filming process, I watched as each individual we worked with learned more about themselves, their priorities and what truly sparks joy – and I learned countless lessons from all of them, too!

The Life-Changing Magic of Family

Gardening is one of my favorite things to do – which made working alongside Logan and Jimmy to help tidy Logan’s Garden a dream come true.

The process of tidying a place of business like Logan’s Garden is similar to that of your home – but the emotions involved are different. The loving gratitude and pride you feel for your business – especially when it’s your own – only grows stronger as you pour more of your efforts, time and passion into it. The unique reverence Jimmy and Logan held for Logan’s Garden definitely charmed me! I could tell immediately that it was a place that was well-loved – and that tidying would only further enhance that feeling.

Though their final result was certainly an impressive feat, what inspired me most was watching the process draw their family together! The way Porter – Jimmy’s daughter and Logan’s sister – paved her own path into the family business is a perfect example of the inexplicable, life-changing magic that takes hold after you tidy. Sometimes, other areas of your life just fall perfectly into place!

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Throughout my work with Joanna and her family, I was delighted time and time again seeing the items they’ve carefully cherished over the years – and hearing the beautiful way they described memories tied to them. From her son Julien’s old drawings to the greeting card for her husband Ben, Joanna’s powerful love for her family members only became clearer the further we dove into her items.

The goal of tidying isn’t to just be organized or to downsize your belongings – it is to improve your personal or professional lifestyle. But, choosing to make positive changes for your future doesn’t necessarily have to mean letting go of parts from the past you still love. The process pushed Joanna and Ben to carefully think about how they wanted to live moving forward – and to carry the best parts from their old way of life into their new ideal lifestyle. I was touched when Joanna told me I helped change what her future looks like – but the truth is, they did all the hard work on their own!

Rediscovering Your Spark

Tidying is a process that allows you to have a dialogue with yourself. It serves as a guide to acquire the right mindset for creating order – and it’s an extremely individual journey, as it depends on one’s personal values. This idea felt especially true for Lorri as she embarked on her path toward rediscovering what sparks joy for her after illness.

During our work on her wardrobe, my heart broke for Lorri hearing how disconnected she felt from her identity post-career transition. By the time she finished, Lorri totally transformed into a rejuvenated, confident person who truly knows herself and prioritizes her joy first. It was remarkable!

Watching her use tidying as a vehicle to find clarity surrounding what she feels most passionately about – and to rediscover a new sense of purpose – reminded me of why we do this work in the first place. Her journey only proves that what sparks joy and where we cultivate it from will change as our lives do – tidying only helps us rediscover the answer for ourselves.

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