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Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most magical.  

Marie Kondo has tidied hundreds of homes over the years, often using simple shoe boxes to help her clients organize their joy-sparking items. Boxes are the ultimate tidying solution – versatile, easy to use and attractive (especially in Japan). However, keeping and reusing boxes is not a universal custom. Through her work, Marie discovered that Americans typically don’t save packaging boxes; she was constantly left searching for boxes to bring order to her clients’ homes. So Marie set out to create a line of simple, beautiful boxes that would motivate people to complete their tidying and spark joy in their lives.



About the Design

Marie began by envisioning the ideal box, a home for people’s cherished items. It would be simple and beautiful – with a touch of whimsy – and fit easily within a drawer. Hikidashi means “drawer” in Japanese, and the boxes would be for organizing clothes, specifically, because that’s the first category in the KonMari Method™.

Marie spent a lot of time testing sizes with our KonMari team until we landed on the ideal dimensions. Each Hikidashi Box set comes with six different sized pieces, allowing you to configure your space as needed. We recommend the small sizes as trays for underwear and accessories like sunglasses or watches; the medium sizes for socks, camisoles and tank tops; and the large sizes for t-shirts and sweaters. Place them in your dresser drawers to divide the space or use them on your shelves to create mini-drawers. Just be sure to sort your items by category and line them up from light to dark!

The Hikidashi Boxes are decorated with a selection of Marie’s favorite prints, colors and inspirational quotes. We placed an emphasis on their interior design because we want to encourage people to think inside the box – to value what cannot always be seen from the outside. 



The Manufacturing Process

When it came to the material selection and manufacturing the Hikidashi Boxes, we knew we wanted them to be high quality, lightweight and lean, yet durable. We also knew we absolutely wanted to use materials that were recycled and better for the environment. So our boxes are constructed using a thick fiberboard, topped with a laminated premium paper for additional durability. The paper is made of 100% recycled content (to reduce environmental impact) or is FSC-certified (meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits). This definitely sparks joy! 



The Big Picture

Even though millions of people have read Marie’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, many haven’t gotten around to actually tidying yet. The true potential of the KonMari Method™ lies in finishing tidying thoroughly and completely – not when there are piles of clothes lying on the floor, waiting to be assigned a home. Thus, the most important aspect of the Hikidashi Box is that it inspires tidying.

Along with the boxes, we are offering a KonMari Tidying Series by email. These emails will make sure you have the support you need as you embark on your tidying journey. The lessons will guide you through the KonMari Method™ – starting with how to envision your ideal lifestyle. To make learning even easier, there will be video demonstrations on folding and organizing. Make sure you’re subscribed!



The Hikidashi Box sets, now finally complete, are ready to spark joy in drawers everywhere. They will arrive straight to your door in lovingly guarded custom packaging, and the set will include a letter from Marie and cards with an introduction to the KonMari Method™. If you are ready to start, now is the time – use the Hikidashi Box to realize your dream of living in a home surrounded only by things that spark joy.