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Consultants are assigned levels that correspond to how many tidying sessions they have completed with clients using the KonMari Method™, as well as the number of clients who have completed tidying their homes.

Regardless of level, each consultant is officially certified and trained in the same program.

  • Consultant Certification Levels (Minimum requirements)
  • Certified Green: Completed 10 tidying sessions with 2 clients.
  • Certified Bronze: Completed 50 tidying sessions with 5 clients.
  • Certified Silver: Completed 100 tidying sessions with 10 clients.
  • Certified Gold: Completed 200 tidying sessions with 20 clients.
  • Certified Platinum: Completed 300 tidying sessions with 30 clients.
  • Certified Master: Completed 500 tidying sessions with 50 clients.