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Today we hear from Shin, a KonMari Consultant in training who attended the San Francisco 2018 Konmari Seminar. During the seminar, she melted everyone's hearts with this message:

“Before attending the Konmari Consultant Seminar, my biggest fear was networking and meeting new people. But the magic of the KonMari Method has changed me as a person. I used to be very shy in public and never shared a word in front of a large crowd.

However, this has not been the case at this seminar. I don’t know where I’ve gotten that courage, I have no idea how many times I have raised my hand and held that microphone. It gives me so much joy to share my passion about anything related to the KonMari Method. I can’t stop talking, am I going crazy or what? Send help please!”

We followed up with her to hear more from her and about her current journey to becoming a KonMari Consultant.



Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Shin Low. I was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. I’m currently working as a Registered Dietitian at a local community health centre in Guelph, Ontario. I am a wife to my amazing husband, and a mom to my adorable 2 year old and a Shih Tzu. Now, I’m pursuing the goal of becoming a Konmari Consultant.


How did you find out about the KonMari Method?

Growing up, I have always loved organization and interior design. But after giving birth to our son, suddenly all of my time and energy was devoted to taking care of this new life. Our house was neglected, and items got shoved into a spare room or the basement. This led to a feeling of despair and depression; I didn’t feel happy. I kept telling my husband that we needed to change this and that around our house.

Then, he reminded me that I was the one who lovingly designed every corner of this home. He asked me what had changed. As I looked around, I realized I had everything I ever wanted but it was the disorganized clutter behind closed doors that was cluttering my mind and spirit.

It was then that I started to search for a way to get me back on track with my mental health, starting with tidying up my home. I tried other methods, but the magic really started to happen when I stumbled upon The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.


What was your tidying process like?

I started tidying after I read the book, but it didn’t go well the first time around. I noticed that spaces very quickly became cluttered again because I didn’t stick with the method 100%. The joy didn’t last.

When Marie Kondo announced her online course on Udemy, I signed up immediately. I completed it and started my second round of tidying. Soon after I completed the paper category, I could feel something in me shifting. I felt happier day by day and even the house began to seem lighter. 

It was around that time that I really felt the magic in this method. Not only had the physical space changed, but my well-being and mental health improved drastically as well.

I felt I was rediscovering my true self again that I had lost in becoming a mother. My brain was packed with new ideas and visions. I was spending lots of quality time with my family. I used to take every Friday off to run errands and clean the house, but now I'm able to use that time to volunteer and help my friends and clients with their tidying journeys.


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What made you decide to become a KonMari Consultant?

I want others to experience the magic of this method, especially busy moms like me who are struggling to juggle work, life and the needs of their loved ones. 


How was your experience of the KonMari Seminar?

It was incredible!! The energy in the room was electrical and there was so much joy. It was amazing to be surrounded by like-minded people, and it was very humbling to share and learn from each other. 


If you were to express the KonMari seminar in three words, what would it be?

I would say: “Sense of belonging.” Before attending the seminar, I never expected to gain such a feeling of community. Working in this profession can be gratifying, but I worried that it could also feel quite isolated without having any direct colleagues. But I realized at the seminar that I was meeting people with the same passion and vision as me. Because of that, I felt safe to share my experience going through my own tidying journey with the larger crowd, and felt very supported. 

I understood then that although I may go home and work at this career independently, all of us here at the seminar were in a sense my new colleagues. We are in this together. It really doesn’t matter what country one is from, we all have the same vision and goal to help others.


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The KonMari Method is about the journey to joy that will be right for each client.

What are your dreams and goals for your tidying business?

My vision is to organize the world! I would love to travel to organize. Also, I want to be able to give back to the community and provide free services to those who can’t afford to hire a consultant. I love working with children, and wish to specialize in KonMari with Kids to teach them this amazing skill at a young age so that they can carry this into their adulthood.


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Anything else you would like to add for people who want to tidy their homes?

If you have been contemplating becoming a KonMari Consultant or just want to start anything in your life including new career, relationship, tidying your own home, etc., start now! The magic will only happen if you actually do it.


Shin is a KonMari Consultant in training based in Guelph, Ontario. You can find her on Instagram @simplyjoyfulspace to follow along her journey of becoming a Certified Konmari Consultant. 

Looking for a certified consultant to help you with your tidying process? Find a KonMari Consultant near you here.