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Recently during an interview, I was asked an interesting question: is there an activity anyone can do right now, to add more joy to their day? If you're familiar with the KonMari Method, you know that I place great emphasis on keeping only the items that spark joy, and treating them with care. So my answer to this question is this: take a look at what items you are using, and list the things you like about them. 

For example, if you're wearing your favorite shirt, look down and notice that you really love the shape of the collar. If you're writing, take a moment for your favorite pen, and praise it for its perfect size and weight when you hold it in your hands.   

Revisiting the tiny details that spark joy is a great way to bring back that sense of delight when you're feeling down, or when you need a little more magic to your day. So in the spirit of this exercise, I wanted to share some of the items that spark joy for me.

Of course, those are items that love – I want to hear things that spark joy for you! Let me know on social media @mariekondo, or share your own photos with #konmari


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I always have crystals at my bedside, even during travels.



I have several notebooks, each for a different purpose: one for ideas, one for dreams, one for problem solving, etc.


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Rose water is my recent discovery. I like that the bottle size is quite large!


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An antique tape measure. Sparks so much joy!



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I received this sewing box for Christmas when I was a little girl, and I continue to use it to this day. Now I use to store makeup, so I get to experience the joy every day. 

Let me know your favorite items, or share them on social media with #konmari!