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Consultant Field Notes: Tidying Transformations

KonMari Consultants witness tidying’s life-changing magic for a living. Certified to help people tidy their homes using the KonMari Method™, they guide their clients through each step of the process – and observe transformations big and small along the way. From shifts in physical appearance and marital status to profound epiphanies about career paths and life plans, they’ve seen it all. Below, we asked Consultants to share memorable metamorphoses they’ve helped to facilitate.

Sayonara, Shame

“One of my very first clients – a newly single mom to a young boy – put money she’d been saving for a trip toward organizing her entire home instead. The first few sessions were very challenging for her – this life-changing magic is hard work! She shed guilt, shame and anxiety as she said goodbye to things she no longer needed; as our sessions continued, I saw a physical change in her: She grew lighter, laughed more and had fun. Seeing her space in a new light enabled her to start projects she’d dreamed of doing for years. With the clutter – and the shame – gone, she had more time for activities that really mattered, like playing with her son. When she unexpectedly lost her job, she told me that without the work we had done together that loss would have been earth-shattering. Instead, she had the strength and fortitude to know that this wasn’t a step back but an opportunity to grow in a new direction. She started her own business – and she’s thriving!”

Melissa Klug, Certified Platinum Consultant

“As our sessions continued, my client grew lighter, laughed more and had fun. Seeing her space in a new light enabled her to start projects she'd dreamed of doing for years ”

Money Saved – Joy Sparked

“One of my clients was so overwhelmed by clutter that she was contemplating a $25,000 renovation – she thought she needed more space to be able to store all of her items. After we finished tidying she had ample storage space for her belongings – and empty drawers to hold any future joy-sparking additions.”

Amanda Jefferson, Certified Platinum Consultant 

Make Way for Plants

“I worked with a client who had a mound of mail they’d been collecting for over 40 years; it had taken over their spare room and haunted them like a ghost. It took many hours to go through each item, but when we were done the client had a new lease on life – a huge stressor had been removed. Now that space is a meditation room filled with natural light and purifying plants.”

Caitlin Roberts, Certified Master

Dinner Is Served

“One of my clients was so embarrassed by the state of her home that she hadn’t had anyone over in 10 years. But entertaining was important to her – hosting friends and family was a big part of the ideal lifestyle she envisioned before tidying. We worked very slowly – it was hard to access many of her items – but we took breaks along the way to check in with her vision. Soon she saw possibilities for her space – and her life – that had previously been obscured. As her home became tidier and tidier, I watched her confidence increase – and I knew we’d reached a huge milestone when she hosted a dinner party for her friends.”

Helen Youn, Certified Platinum Consultant

“It is so rewarding to see people realize their worth – and take all the necessary steps to get to where they want to be.”

Career High

“I’ve had several clients who were in career limbo before we started the tidying process. Slowly, as we worked through the clutter, I’ve observed each of them become more aware of their values and how they want to spend their time. With this new confidence and awareness, they’ve all landed jobs that truly spark joy for them. It is so rewarding to see people realize their worth – and take all the necessary steps to get to where they want to be.”

Julie Strandberg, Certified Bronze Consultant

New Path Forward

“I worked with a young client who said she’d wanted to be a doctor since she was a little girl; she’d spent years preparing for medical school, but when she talked about becoming a doctor she didn’t seem happy. As we tidied her closet and her room, we unearthed paintings and artwork she’d made – about food, health and veganism. When she joy-checked the items and spoke about them, her eyes lit up! The difference was remarkable. Based on the joy she felt, she made a life-changing decision. Rediscovering those objects reminded her of how creative she is – especially in the kitchen. She decided to pursue cooking professionally and enrolled in a cooking academy. She has a blog and a huge following on Instagram where she promotes a zero-waste and vegan lifestyle. Her message is about caring for our health and the health of the plant – just like a great doctor. She has found her purpose in life – a gift at such a young age.”

Lykke Anholm, Certified Gold Consultant

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