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How to Greet Your Home

The first thing I do when I visit a client is to greet their home. I kneel formally on the floor in the center of the house – or where its vortex is – and address the home in my mind.

After introducing myself – including my name and occupation – I ask for help in creating a space where its inhabitants can enjoy a happier life. Then I bow. It’s a silent ritual that only takes about two minutes (which you may have observed in “Tidying Up” and “Sparking Joy”).

I began this custom quite naturally based on the etiquette of entering Shinto shrines. There can be tense anticipation before tidying, and I’ve discovered that connecting with the home can profoundly improve the process.

Tidying is an opportunity to express appreciation for your home and all it does for you. Create a dialogue with your space – thank it for protecting and nurturing you – especially if you’re about to embark on a tidying marathon!

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