How to Organize a Suitcase, According to Marie Kondo

How to Organize a Suitcase

Whether you are planning a quick overnight getaway or an extended wanderlust-filled adventure, thoughtful packing makes every trip feel more relaxed and joyful. Just like organizing a pantry or closet, packing a suitcase requires careful consideration, editing and, of course, the KonMari fold.


Clean Slate

Before putting anything inside your suitcase, go through it and discard any remnants from past trips.

Start with a clean slate and make a list of any travel essentials that you need to stock up on.

Start early – a week in advance gives you plenty of time to pick up the last-minute essentials.

“Packing a suitcase follows the same basic principles as those for storage in the home. Clothes should be folded and packed upright. Fold suits and lay them flat on top. Pack bras on top, and don’t flatten them. Pack small things such as underwear in a travel pouch, and transfer lotions and toiletries into smaller bottles to reduce volume.”


Pack Joy

With the KonMari Method™ as your guide, evaluate the items you have chosen and ask yourself if they will spark joy, make you feel at ease and contribute to your well-being once you reach your destination.

Do not waste precious suitcase space on items that are better suited for your life at home, and are likely to go unused. Your back and shoulders will thank you when you’re not lugging excess weight around!

Note that a book that has remained at the bottom of your pile at home likely won’t suddenly spark joy in another environment —leave it behind and select a title that you are truly excited about. 

For clothing, too many options will lead to unnecessary decision making and feelings of doubt. Packing just a few tried and true outfits will make getting ready each morning a breeze. The key is to select clothing items that are comfortable, do not wrinkle easily and never fail to make you feel good about yourself.

One of the benefits of leisure travel is the opportunity to free yourself from everyday decision making and perhaps experience a simpler lifestyle. The fewer clothing options to choose from, the more you can focus on the joyful experience ahead.


Fold the KonMari Way

Fold clothing using the tried and true KonMari fold, which ensures your selected items are stored upright instead of stacked in a pile. This tactic will allow you to maximize space in your suitcase and you’ll easily be able to view all of your outfit options when you open your bag or suitcase. 

By applying the KonMari philosophy in your approach to packing, you can proactively eliminate potential stressors and make the most of your time away.

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