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How to KonMari Craft Supplies

Marie and child folding origami

Whether you spend evenings folding origami or weekends shibori dying — or both! — one thing is certain: there’s nothing better than a hobby that sparks joy. Taking these small steps toward a tidier crafting environment can help your creativity flourish.

Spending a few hours focused on a creative passion grounds us in the present and rewards us with unexpected discoveries. To embrace that feeling fully, you’ll need your supplies organized and within reach!

Here are a few tidying tips for using the KonMari Method™ to create space for the supplies and tools you love — and how to keep it all organized through countless hours of joyful crafting!

Designate a Craft Space

Start by giving your crafts a home. Whether it’s a dedicated room, corner of a room or just a drawer, your creative passions deserve a thoughtful and practical space — and you deserve a comfortable place to work on them! Imagine your ideal crafting area. Is there a work table or sewing desk? Designated drawers for different types of supplies? Maybe a comfortable chair for using while knitting or sashiko stitching? Envisioning your perfect workspace will help you prioritize as you tidy and organize your supplies.

Gather Craft Supplies Together

Just as you used the KonMari Method for categories like clothing and books, you’ll want to gather all of your craft supplies in one place before you start tidying. If it feels messy, don’t worry! You’ll only have to do this once. Gathering everything ensures you’ll have a complete picture of all of your tools and supplies, including forgotten odds and ends.

Let Go of What No Longer Sparks Joy

Discard broken items, craft projects you’ve long since abandoned and any supplies for hobbies that no longer spark joy — or maybe never did! If you’re struggling with the idea of discarding unused supplies, consider where they’ll go next. By donating them to a local thrift store or nonprofit, someone else can discover the thrill of a new hobby. And by letting go of these supplies, you free up more space — physically and mentally — for working on the craft projects you love.

Organize by Craft

Once you’ve discarded, it’s now time to store like-items together. Divide your craft area into smaller areas for different subcategories. For dedicated craft rooms, this might mean designating a drawer or storage bin for each hobby. For smaller spaces, it might mean using hikadashi boxes to divide a single drawer into several compartments, one for each craft. If your projects use small supplies, such as needles and thread, try a mix of container sizes within each drawer. This makes it easier to see and reach the tiniest items — especially helpful when your hands are full!  Whatever organizing structure you choose is the right one, so long as it feels right for you.

Put Everything Back

Once you’ve finished tidying your craft area, commit to daily tidying by always putting supplies back in their proper places. (This will feel natural and easy after tidying up using the KonMari Method!) It can help to label every bin and container, so you’ll always know exactly where supplies belong.  Making a habit of putting everything back where it belongs will keep your craft area tidy and also ensure you know what supplies you have on hand with a glance.

Master the Pause

If you’re in the middle of a more extended project, take inspiration from Marie’s advice for sorting incoming papers: designate a tray, bin or basket for work-in-progress craft projects that still “need attention.” When you take a break for lunch or even for the day, place everything you’re working on into this area, so it’s easy for you to come right back to it. But remember, this is a temporary space. If you haven’t returned to a project within a week or two, ask yourself: Why not? Not every craft needs finishing. Better to let go of a project that isn’t sparking joy as expected and make room for whatever inspiration comes next!

The KonMari Method allows you to not only imagine but live a joy-sparking life. Once you’ve tidied up your craft area, you’ll feel more inspired than ever to work on creative pursuits! Why not use this added energy — and extra craft space — to explore a few new activities and hobbies? Some of our favorites include: Japanese spoon carving, kintsugi  and even making your own incense!

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