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Ding-dong! I’m outside of my client’s house, ready for another tidying session. My journal and erasable pen are in hand, and my white linen dress is pressed for the occasion. As my client swings open the door and welcomes me inside, I turn around and give my mom a thumbs-up. “Thanks for the ride,” I yell. “I love you!”

Let me introduce myself: My name is Aviya. I’m 14 years old and a KonMari Consultant-in-training – one of the youngest in the world.

Much like Marie, I’ve been fascinated by tidying since I was young. In kindergarten, I thought being organized meant having a space that looked flawless, so I shoved all my toys and books under my bed. In fourth grade, I lined my room with storage containers to house all of my belongings. But no method ever stuck.

That changed when I read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” I felt a strong connection to Marie and her philosophy – especially her emphasis on joy, which I realized was the missing piece of all the other systems I’d tried. It was as if Marie had written her book for me.

Before you begin tidying you must imagine your ideal lifestyle. I pictured a life in which I could spend more time with my friends and family – and explore my interests in architecture, art and music. I recognized that my perfectionism and my fear of taking risks were holding me back. My current habits were familiar and safe, and I was scared to abandon them. Imagining my ideal lifestyle helped me to shift my priorities toward creativity and curiosity. In other words, the KonMari Method™ changed my outlook on life.

I wanted to help others experience the magic of Marie’s method, so in 2019 I attended a KonMari Consultant Certification Course. We learned how to guide clients through their tidying journeys and offer support along the way. So far, I’ve practiced with two clients, one of whom needed help sorting her late husband’s belongings. He’d passed away the year before, and she was battling grief and loneliness – but I could see that my guidance brought her some relief. We created a safe, no-judgment space that allowed her to trust me, and I was able to help her connect with what brings her joy.

“The KonMari Method™ might not seem relevant to kids and teenagers, but the method is about more than decluttering a physical space – it’s about making life decisions based on what sparks joy for you.”

My ultimate goal is to bring the KonMari Method™ to teens. Marie’s work might not seem relevant to people my age because kids and teenagers don’t have a lot of control over their homes. But the method is about more than decluttering a physical space – it’s about making life decisions according to what sparks joy for you. I know from experience that applying the KonMari philosophy from a young age can have a powerful impact on your sense of self – which is why I was so excited to be named KonMari’s Teen Ambassador earlier this year!

Students and youngsters face many challenges that I believe the KonMari Method™ can help them to navigate. My dream is to help students tidy their lockers, desks, backpacks and technology – and apply the concept of “joy-checking” to everything from their friendships and academics to extracurriculars and social media intake. Marie’s joy-centering philosophy has the potential to transform many teens’ lives – just as it changed mine.

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