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Behind the Scenes: The Container Store x KonMari

I’m thrilled to introduce an exclusive collaboration that’s been in the works for quite some time: The Container Store x KonMari!

The founding principle of the KonMari Method™ is to choose what sparks joy for you – and then to give these items a home. When I was looking to develop products that could serve as a home for people’s belongings, I wanted a sustainable line that would spark joy and deliver the versatility and expertise The Container Store is famous for. I worked closely with their team for over a year to design organizing essentials that you can use throughout your space – from the kitchen and closet to the office and playroom. 

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I drew on elements of Japanese culture – and on decades of tidying experience. The Hikidashi Storage Boxes are among my favorites. We expanded upon our original, limited edition boxes from KonMari to offer a more versatile assortment of mix-and-match sizes and soothing patterns. “Hikidashi” means drawer in Japanese, and these boxes and lids allow you create a drawer where there wasn’t one before! Made from sturdy recycled paper, they’re perfect for organizing your clothes, accessories and treasured items. They’re simple and beautiful – with a touch of whimsy – and I can’t wait to see them being used in homes everywhere.

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For clothes that love to hang, we created an assortment of hangers made from metal and bamboo – a naturally renewable resource with a warm look. There’s something very satisfying about opening your closet and seeing all the clothes and accessories you love hanging there waiting for you.

Handmade from bamboo, the latticework in the Shoji Collection is reminiscent of traditional Japanese room dividers that help to make the most of small spaces. Like shoji screens, these bamboo organizers are a functional and elegant way to divide your space.

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As a busy mom, I know that it’s hard to keep your house tidy. But having a place for everything to return to at the end of the day makes the tidying process easier – and more fun for everyone! I made sure our kids’ tidying tools were durable and colorful – and kawaii, which means “cute” in Japanese!

I hope this collection helps you maintain a tidy home and make space for what matters most. As you tidy, remember to take inventory of your possessions – and to reevaluate your relationship with them. Surrounding yourself with only items you love will not only help you to defeat clutter but to live more joyfully at home.

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