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8-Week Tidy Challenge: Week 8

We’ve made it to the last week of the Tidy Challenge – the finish line is in sight! This week is all about enhancing your home’s joy factor and adding touches that really make it sing. Keep your smartphone handy and tag #mykonmari on social so we can see your pad in all its glory.

Day 50: Make Your Space Spark Joy

Today, revisit your vision board and journal entries from Week 1. Think about the changes you can make to your environment so it aligns with your wishes and dreams. Don’t limit yourself! Remember, joy is personal – your home should be a reflection of you.


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Day 51: Level Up Your Closet

Think of your closet as a private extension of your room, a space where you are free to do whatever you want. Make sure your clothes rise to the right (see Day 14) and add joyful touches like photos, artwork or treasured mementos. If you have a walk-in closet, take advantage of the space to create a mini sanctuary.


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Day 52: Make a Rainbow of Books

Treat your books like artwork – arrange them by color for a striking visual display.


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Day 53: Create Your Power Spot

A power spot is a personal oasis filled only with the things you love. Today, make your own. It can be as big as a room or as small as a shelf.

Day 54: Personalize Cleaning Supplies

Let’s be real – cleaning supplies are pretty meh to look at. Marie recommends increasing their joy factor by tying ribbons around the necks of bottles and containers and removing garish labels – just be sure to keep the list of ingredients visible for safety reasons. To minimize single-use plastics, fill up reusable glass canisters at zero-waste refill stations.


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Day 55: Spice Up Your Pantry

For a kitchen that sparks joy – and inspires you to use it – transfer bulk goods into clear containers, and add a label for the item’s name and expiration date. Use baskets and boxes to organize dry goods and snacks by category.


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Day 56: Go Joy Spotting!

By now you’re an expert in what brings you joy. Take this skill out of the house and into your everyday life. Today, take a walk and seek out moments that bring a smile to your face. Identify them out loud – the effect is powerful.

It’s official: You’re a tidying rockstar! Congratulations on completing the 8-Week Tidy Challenge – a major accomplishment.

If you need additional help, certified KonMari Consultants are ready to lend a hand. Or, if you enjoyed the tidying process and want to help others do the same, sign up to become a Consultant yourself!

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