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8-Week Tidy Challenge: Week 6

We’re in the home stretch of the Tidy Challenge! This week we’re taking on the final category: sentimental items. Tidying these objects may seem daunting, but by now your sensitivity to what sparks joy is razor sharp. Trust the process – and your instincts. Keep your smartphone handy to document your progress and tag #mykonmari on social. We’re in this together!

Day 36: Collect Your Sentimental Items

Today, gather all of your sentimental items in one spot. As you do, emotions might rise to the surface – this is natural. Marie leaves this category for last because these items can be the hardest to discard – it’s normal to fear that you’ll lose the memories tied to them if you let them go. But worry not: Truly precious memories will never vanish, even if you discard the objects associated with them.

Day 37: Practice Gratitude

Giving sentimental items a proper send off – and expressing gratitude for everything they’ve taught you – is an essential step in the tidying process. Establish a discarding ritual that feels right for you.

Day 38: Tidy Journals, Letters & Heirlooms

Today, turn your attention to your precious papers – diaries, love letters, treasured notes and personal journals – and any family heirlooms or items you’ve inherited. As you joy check each item, remember that it’s not the memories of past experiences you should treasure, but the person you’ve become because of them.


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Day 39: Tidy Photos

Now it’s time to tidy photos, albums and scrapbooks. Use joy as your barometer and only keep photos that bring a smile to your face. Discard duplicates; and if you have several versions of the same shot, save only your favorite. To take your tidying to the next level, scan your photos into digital albums.

Day 40: Tidy Memorabilia, Souvenirs & Trophies

Next up: Items that remind you of past people and events – think ticket stubs, playbills, baseball cards and refrigerator magnets from your travels – and all your well-deserved trophies and awards. As you tidy, dig deep. Are these items serving you in the present moment – and do they have a place in your future? The space in which you live should be for the person you’re becoming now, not the person you were in the past.


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Day 41: Tidy Sentimental Artwork and Make a Gallery Wall

Sentimental artwork, especially pieces made by kids, can be a hard to part with – yet it often ends up in a drawer. Instead of filing these masterpieces away, put them on display! Create a gallery wall where you can fully enjoy each piece – after living with them, you’ll be able to discard them guilt-free and make space for new gems. If you don’t have a mini Hilma af Klint in your life, take today to proudly display treasured photos or other framable pieces you’ve chosen to keep.

Day 42: Create a Scrapbook

Today, finish tidying your sentimental items. If you have belongings that spark joy but no place to put them – like a piece of an old baby blanket or lace from a wedding veil – add them to a scrapbook. This way you can enjoy these objects regularly, instead of hiding them in a drawer.

It’s official – you’re a tidying rockstar! The hardest part of the challenge is behind you. For the next two weeks you’ll turn your living space into the home of your dreams.

It’s not too late to join the fun – visit our 8-Week Tidy Challenge.

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