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Marie’s Self-Care Practices

Before you can truly care for another person, space or object, you have to know how to take care of yourself. It’s an old adage, but it’s true!

I prioritize daily rituals that enable me to honor my whole self. The body, mind and spirit are interconnected; when they’re in alignment, I sense what sparks joy very easily and “live my best life,” as Oprah would say! Here’s my daily self-care routine:


The first thing I do each day is open the windows to let in fresh air. After that, I burn incense, which not only cleanses the atmosphere but also relaxes me. In Japan, kōdō – the appreciation of incense – is considered a traditional art form on par with flower arranging and tea ceremony.

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Tidying can be very physical, and when I was working with clients for many hours a day, I’d often come home quite sore. Practicing yoga helped ease the aches and pains, and I found it lifted my spirits. Now I practice yoga or meditate in the morning to set the tone for my day.


Sound baths have become popular of late, and I understand why. Sonic vibrations are very potent – they’re deeply grounding and are said to have healing powers, too.

I never leave home without a tuning fork and crystal – seriously! I use them throughout the day to pinpoint causes of stress and to center me. If I’m uncomfortable or preoccupied, the tuning fork’s pure tones can help to reveal what’s bothering me. It doesn’t take the problem away, but understanding the source of my anxiety is helpful so I can adjust my energy and actions.

Fun fact: Sound waves have made their way to our workspace at KonMari. We open every team meeting by striking a tuning fork and crystal – ding!


At night – after tidying up with my children – I wash off the day and warm my body with a bath. This ritual is truly essential to my wellbeing. It makes me feel like I’m in an onsen deep in the mountains of Japan – connecting to nature and the elements is deeply nourishing.

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Before bed I diffuse an essential oil – for a subtle scent, I tap a few drops into a small pile of salt. Then I write down what I am thankful for or make a list of things that sparked joy during the day.

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During busy or stressful periods when I don’t prioritize self-care, I tend to doubt myself and feel anxious. This leads to stress eating and poor sleep, causing a physical and emotional imbalance – exacerbating the problem! So these self-care practices are very important. They help me to show up as my best self in all aspects of life.

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