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Make Your Own Power Spot

Whether you live alone or with others, it’s important to have a power spot filled with items you love – a personal space that brings you joy. No matter the size, the benefits are immeasurable: Marie likens it to having a handwarmer in your pocket on a cold day. Learn how to create a joy-sparking space of your own.

Set an Intention

Having a power spot comes with responsibility – you’re in charge of the items you put there and keeping it clean and full of good energy. Once you’ve established your space, tend to it regularly – wiping down surfaces, dusting frames and replacing objects that no longer spark joy. Marie’s current power spot is a small workstation in her bedroom – decorated with flowers, crystals and pictures drawn by her children; it’s a sacred nook where she recharges. She freshens the flowers every week and makes space for new handmade treasures.

Transform Your Closet

Even if you live alone or have plenty of space, Marie recommends turning the inside of your closet into a spot that gives you a thrill of pleasure. Decorate the wall behind your clothes or the inside of the door with images and objects that inspire and delight you. Your closet is a private paradise – personalize it to the fullest!

Claim a Corner

If space is limited, designate a small section of a shared room as your own – ideally somewhere you spend a lot of time. Hang shelves on the wall to display your special items – or decorate a cork board with joy-sparking pictures and artwork. You can also turn your desk into a power spot. These are a few of our favorite organizers for keeping surfaces clutter-free.

One of the goals of tidying is for your whole home to feel like a power spot – a relaxing environment filled with pure energy. You can have as many power spots as you want – but you should have at least one!

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