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Rule 6: Ask Yourself If It Sparks Joy

Only you can know what kind of environment makes you happy – this is the underlying principle of the KonMari Method™.  It’s also what sets it apart from other tidying techniques that rely on strict guidelines instead of personal criteria.  You’ve probably heard “Discard anything you haven’t used in two years,” or “Every time you buy something new, get rid of something old.” But Marie’s method is different.

In the KonMari Method™, your feelings are the standard for decision making – specifically, knowing what sparks joy.  To determine this when tidying, the key is to pick up each object one at a time, and ask yourself quietly, “Does this spark joy?”  Pay attention to how your body responds.  Joy is personal, so everyone will experience it differently; Marie describes it as “…a little thrill, as if the cells in your body are slowly rising.”

Through the process of selecting only those things that inspire joy, you can identify precisely what you love – and what you need.

Need a refresher? Review the 6 Rules of Tidying.

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