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What’s Sparking Joy for Marie, Fall 2018

Crystal and bowl on side table

During a recent interview, I was asked, “Is there an activity anyone can do – right now – to add more joy to his or her day?” The answer was easy for me.

Identify the items you are using in this moment – and list what you love about each one. Perhaps you enjoy the pattern on the shirt you’re wearing or the size and weight of the coffee mug you’re sipping from. Identifying the tiny details that spark joy will add a little more magic in your day.

In the spirit of this exercise, here are a few of my favorite items right now – and what I love about them.



Crystals on a trinket dish

I admire crystals for their purification properties as well as their exquisite beauty. I keep these three on my nightstand – even when I’m traveling!



Stack of notebooks

I have several of these notebooks, each for a different purpose: one for ideas, one for dreams, one for problem solving, etc.


Rose Water

Rose water is my recent discovery – it has anti-inflammatory properties and the scent is sublime!


Cozy Socks

Thick warm Nana Decor socks

I love to wear these socks around the house because they keep my toes warm. They’re from one of my favorite Japanese accessory brands, Nanadecor.


Antique Sewing Box

Marie Kondo's antique sewing box

I received this sewing box for Christmas when I was a little girl. I now use it to store makeup, so I get to experience the joy it brings me every day.

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