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How to Create a Joy-Sparking Entryway

The entryway is often the first part of the home someone sees, whether it’s you or a loved one returning from a long day of work or a long-awaited guest. It’s also one of the most challenging places to keep tidy, especially during blustery weather. What does anyone do with all those muddy rainboots?

Two of our certified KonMari consultants, Alichia Pretorius (Johannesburg, South Africa) and Nancy Eaton ( Newport Beach, California), are back to talk about how to make an entryway feel both welcoming and functional — yes, even in a small apartment

This article is part two of our Fall Tidying Challenge, a month-long series to help you use the KonMari Method™ to prepare for seasonal visitors, end-of-year travels and more — all while keeping your space tidy and cozy.


Treat Any Entryway with Gratitude

When organizing an entryway, one of the most common mistakes Alichia sees clients make is overlooking it entirely. “[Clients] sometimes see their entry area as too small to use, so they don’t use it at all. However, the main goal [of an entryway] is to make a killer first impression, and you won’t be able to achieve that if it feels cold and empty.” On the flip side, some people overcrowd the space, usually because there’s insufficient storage. 

The KonMari Method™ solution? Give everything a home! 

“Install a wall-mounted hook rack for your bags and coats,” Alichia says. “If you have enough space, place a console table with a catchall dish for keys. You can use a storage bench or, in smaller spaces, baskets for storing shoes. And don’t forget an umbrella stand!” 


Make Space for Everyone’s Needs

Because everyone will use the entryway, including guests, both Nancy and Alichia recommend spending time visualizing the needs of each person who will step into the house. 

“For families with small children, it helps to have low cabinets and hooks so they can become self-reliant,” says Nancy. “Designating each child a basket — and labeling it! —  will cut down on all the searching when in a hurry to leave the house.” If space allows, Alichia likes to include a place to sit, so loved ones or house guests can easily put on and take off shoes.


Plan for Stormy Weather

You may already have a doormat in place, but during the fall and winter, Alichia recommends doubling up. “Invest in two separate doormats at every one of your exterior doors, so you can place one outside and one inside. A rugged one with bristles is ideal.”  She also recommends storing a broom or handheld vacuum cleaner near the front door and keeping spare towels within reach. 

Tidy Tip: Nancy recommends a heavier-duty solution for winter footwear: a boot tray to help contain melting snow. She suggests lining with rocks, so shoes air-dry more quickly. 


Add Joy-Sparking Touches

An entryway serves a practical purpose, but it’s also a place of refuge — from winter storms or simply a long day of work or school. Adding special touches can set a relaxing, serene mood. “Several of my clients have hung a favorite quote in their entryway to greet them as they return home,” Nancy says. “It’s a reset of the day. It reminds them they are home, safe, and loved.” 

“The most important element of a welcoming entryway is the atmosphere you create,” says Alicia. “How do you want your guests to feel when they arrive in your home? Adding some greenery or a beautiful home fragrance can set the tone for the visit.” Nancy agrees. “Especially when entertaining, having a non-toxic, soy candle burning with your favorite scent can be a game-changer as your guests arrive.”

Every room in a house adds up to a joy-sparking home — and the entryway is no exception. By taking the time to tidy, you’ll ensure that everyone who walks through your front door will sense the warmth of your space and feel instantly welcome. What could be better on a cold, windy night? 

Interested in working with Alichia or Nancy? You can find them in our consultant directory, along with other KonMari experts worldwide. Or you can become a consultant through our online certification program

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