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We have a 30-day return policy -- please try out our products and if you find they do not spark joy for you, send them back within 30 days from the order date for a full refund or exchange.

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What are your boxes made of?
Our boxes are constructed using a thick fiberboard with a high quality laminated paper giving it additional durability. Our papers are FSC certified or made of 100% recycled content to reduce our impact on the environment.
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Who can I contact about a media opportunity?
Reach us at - we’d love to connect.
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If you ever come across any copyrighted content on YouTube or other platforms, please let us know at We appreciate your assistance.
What is the KonMari Method?
The KonMari Method™, developed by tidying expert Marie Kondo, is a way of life and a state of mind that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in people’s lives. Belongings are acknowledged for their service and thanked before being let go of, if they no longer spark joy.
How can I learn more about the KonMari Method?
Learn more by reading Marie’s books to start your tidying journey. Learn from our KonMari community by following us on Instagram and Facebook, and joining a KonMari Facebook group. For more individual support, contact a Certified Consultant for some one-on-one guidance on the KonMari Method™.
How do I contact a certified consultant?
A listing of all KonMari Certified Consultants can be found on our Consultants page. You can reach out to them directly by clicking the Contact button on their profile.
What do the different consultant levels mean?

Consultants are assigned levels that correspond to how many tidying sessions they have completed with clients using the KonMari Method™, as well as the number of clients who have completed tidying their homes.

Regardless of level, each consultant is officially certified and trained in the same program.

  • Consultant Certification Levels (Minimum requirements)
  • Certified Green: Completed 10 tidying sessions with 2 clients.
  • Certified Bronze: Completed 50 tidying sessions with 5 clients.
  • Certified Silver: Completed 100 tidying sessions with 10 clients.
  • Certified Gold: Completed 200 tidying sessions with 20 clients.
  • Certified Platinum: Completed 300 tidying sessions with 30 clients.
  • Certified Master: Completed 500 tidying sessions with 50 clients.
How can I become a Certified Consultant?

There are seven steps to becoming Certified Consultants:

  1. Read the Books
    Read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.

  2. Tidy Your Home
    Certified Consultants must practice what they teach. We believe that the experience of having undergone the full tidying process is indispensable to understanding the KonMari Method™, process, and philosophy. You will be asked to submit photos verifying that you have completed the process in your own home.

    Please note that steps 1 and 2 are prerequisites to attending a KonMari Consultant Seminar.

  3. Attend a Seminar
    Attending the seminar is the first big step towards certification. You will only be recognized as a KonMari Consultant-in-training once you have successfully completed the seminar. The next seminars will be in held in the first half of 2019. Please note, attending the workshop does not guarantee you to become a Consultant.

  4. Join the Community
    You will be invited to join the growing community of KonMari Certified Consultants and Consultants-in-training, via the official KonMari Seminar Attendee Facebook groups, where you will be able to exchange information and ideas with others who are working toward certification.
    Please note that you will only be allowed access to the Facebook groups after you have successfully completed the Consultant seminar.

  5. Submit Tidying Reports
    Conduct at least ten practice sessions (approximately 30 hours minimum) in at least two clients’ homes and submit reports in the KonMari Method™ order, which will be shared with the KonMari community.

  6. Complete the Exam
    The online assessment exam covers concepts and potential scenarios you will face as a Consultant.

  7. Apply for Certification
    Once all of the above steps have been successfully fulfilled and your application is approved, you will be required to sign the Consultant contract and pay your membership fee of $500 to activate your KonMari Consultant certification.
KonMari Brand
Who can I contact about a brand collaboration?
Please contact us at to ask about potential collaborations and partnerships.
Who can I contact about a media opportunity?
Reach us at - we’d love to connect.
How can I invite Marie to come to my country/company/event?
Reach us at and let us know. Marie does have a very tight schedule and can accept only a limited number of events, but we do also have a wonderful network of Certified Consultants around the world who may be able to help meet your needs!
I love everything about KonMari - are you hiring?
We are always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about sparking joy. Send your resume to us at with a cover letter.