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Tidying Your Komono Drawer

We all have them: spaces and drawers where komono (miscellaneous things) live. These are the places where items sit idle because they haven’t found a true home. Designate a day to tackle your komono, give your objects final destinations and take back control. Remember, it is key to tidy by category — not location


Focus on the Category of Komono

Tackle the category of komono after honing your joy-sparking skills with the clothing, books and paper categories. Concentrating on the joy, value and spirit of your miscellaneous possessions allows you to finish this tricky category with ease.  

This process can unite disparate stockpiles of laundry quarters or scattered booklets of stamps which is why tackling all komono at once — rather than by location — is key. Putting all of your komono items in one place before starting the tidying process will reveal precisely how much you have. 

Give the komono category the honor of your full attention, as it deserves thorough investigation and rehabilitation. You are not just cleaning out one of your drawers — you are exploring an entire ecosystem within the komono universe.

“If you come across komono items that don’t particularly spark joy yet are necessary, try praising them to the hilt. Think of how they make your life easier, about their wonderful appearance and marvelous features, then tell them how great they are. As you do this, you will begin to feel grateful for how they help you and to see how they support your life.”


Take Everything Out

Rather than feeling overwhelmed, try to see this step as a wonderful journey of discovery. Taking everything out of your komono hot spots and laying it out provides a fresh view of all the contents. You may find something that was once missing or something you forgot you owned. It is an opportunity for re-acquainting yourself with the objects that live with you and recognizing those that spark joy and those that don’t.

Once those drawers or storage spaces are completely empty, take a moment to tend to them. Clean well with a soft cloth, replace drawer liners or add air fresheners if you’d like.


Let Go with Gratitude

It’s tough to let go of items that you previously held onto with the thought that they “might come in handy one day.” However, if they don’t spark joy, there is no reason to keep them. Keep 10 rubber bands in your collection of handy fasteners and clips and let go of the other 100! Dirty, broken or old items that no longer have value in your daily rituals can be thanked for their service and discarded.

Tidy Tip: When tidying komono items, remembering that functionality is also a type of joy is key. A simple design that puts you at ease, a high degree of functionality that makes life simpler, a sense of rightness or the recognition that a possession is useful in our daily lives also indicates joy.

Think about the purpose of the drawer or storage space and its location within your traffic patterns. If you are always looking for batteries and can’t remember where they are, relocation might be the answer: some items may be better off elsewhere in your house.



Komono is hard to contain when not carefully thought through. Organize the contents of a komono drawer by category. When you open it to reach for your scissors or letter opener, have those sharp items live together. Matches and lighters can live together as fire-starters. Grocery list paper and your favorite pencil should be neighbors.

Small items that live in these kinds of komono drawers tend to jostle around every time the drawer is open and closed. Small compartments within help keep like-with-like and protect the drawer from becoming jumbled again.

“For loose/small change: Make 'into my wallet' your motto.”


Don't Stop Until You Finish

Even if you grow weary, don’t lose momentum! Conquer komono in one go so you don’t leave it half-finished. Once everything is reviewed, either bid farewell or retain and re-home. Close the drawers, take a breath and then open them again. Congratulate yourself on your hard work and take pleasure in the space you have given new life and meaning.

When you use this drawer or storage space in the future, continue to show it the same respect you did today. Return items to their spots; don’t carelessly stash new miscellaneous acquisitions. It is no longer your “junk” drawer. It is your esteemed komono storage space, full of useful, beloved objects in their happy home!

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