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Tips for Tackling the Garage

Garage wall with tools

Those with a home garage know what an asset this space can be. However, if your garage is not organized, it can all too easily become a breeding ground for clutter. 

While the KonMari Method™ is rooted in tidying by category and not by location, the garage contains many unique categories — a few sometimes forgotten. By considering each category, you can decide what to keep and discard and how to organize what remains. Once everything in your garage has a home, even rarely used items will be easy to find. 

Tidy, clean — the KonMari Method considers tidying and cleaning two different things! — and organize the garage with care by committing to do it in one go. Once you’ve decluttered and organized the KonMari way, it will change the way you see your garage.


Discard and Donate

As with any ‘komono’ or miscellaneous items, you’ll want to start by bringing all the boxes and items stored in your garage to one central location. This way, you can assess what you have in its entirety.

After committing to tidying up, start by discarding first. Set aside items that no longer have a place in your garage — or in your life. What can be tossed, donated or consigned to a new owner? One benefit of decluttering and cleaning the garage is that you may very well come across tools or gadgets you no longer need, but that you can list online or sell to someone in your community. Even if these items no longer match your ideal lifestyle, decluttering the garage just might bring joy to someone else.

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Tidy by Category

Organizing the garage by category will allow you to easily and quickly find whatever you need when you need it. 

For the garage, Marie recommends grouping everything by its function. For example, place hardware and tools in one area, paint and paintbrushes in another and holiday decor in an oversized bin or, if necessary, several bins on the same garage shelf.

Throughout the tidying process, take stock of any items that need to be repaired or replaced. Then, do so as quickly as possible to keep up the tidying momentum.

Tidy Tip: Your children should feel welcome to help you clean, declutter and organize the garage — it’s actually quite fun! Encourage them to claim a lower shelf of their own for storing outdoor games, toys and the like.

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“Your mind determines the value of everything you own.”



Determine What Truly Sparks Joy

Be honest about which items in your garage spark joy and which are no longer serving you and your family. Holding onto items for “one day” can be detrimental to your progress — both emotionally and physically.


Tackle Sentimental Items

This is the hardest and most difficult step when tidying up — which is why sentimental items always come last! As always, be thoughtful yet firm when evaluating your belongings.

Consider taking a photograph before parting with something so that its memory will live on digitally, no matter where you go. Better yet, make a photo book of treasured sentimental items!

“It might come in handy is taboo.”

The garage may never be the most glamorous room in the home, but it can be one of the cleanest. While it isn’t necessarily a space that many guests will visit, getting the garage organized and tidy will contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Taking the time to tackle this important space will make a lasting impact. Holiday decorations, sports equipment, and power tools, get ready — we’re coming for you!

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