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What’s Sparking Joy for Marie, Spring 2019

An attitude of gratitude will change your life. Focusing on what sparks joy for you – instead of what doesn’t – is a simple way to improve your outlook on the world.

When you’re considering what sparks joy for you, don’t overlook the little things in life – they can make a big difference! For example, what’s sparking joy for you right now? Express appreciation for those things. Here are a few of my current joys…


Stress Relief Roller

I’ve been writing two new books and putting in long hours at my desk. So I started applying this blend of calming oils to my neck to relax my body while working. Its scent of tarragon, frankincense and sandalwood lasts for hours. It’s really one of my favorites!


Filoli Gardens

Whenever I’m in the Bay area, I visit these historic gardens. The flowers here are especially resplendent in spring, and I always feel grounded after a visit. Plus it really sparks joy when I spot their resident peacock strutting around!



Literally meaning “earthen pot,” donabe is a traditional Japanese handicraft that takes up to two weeks to create one pot, used for everyday cooking. I use mine daily – to make soups, stews, cook rice and so on. When you make rice in a donabe, take the time to savor and chew the rice – you can actually taste the sweetness! (Toiro has a great selection of donabe.)


Hexagonal Wooden Pencil

Sometimes I’ll jot work notes in pencil because it’s easier and less precious – and I like that there’s no cap to lose! This natural wood pencil by Muji is my favorite; I enjoy the feeling when I hold it – it’s very smooth and sophisticated.


Hana-Hukin Kitchen Cloths

These pure cotton dishcloths are not only beautiful but also extremely absorbent and durable – made of the same material as mosquito netting! I like that they get softer with use. The cloths are available in five springtime colors with packaging that makes you really feel like there’s something really special inside. I believe that your cleaning supplies should spark joy – and these definitely do!

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