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7 Ways to Make Home Feel Cozier

The KonMari Method is designed to help you create a home that feels joy-sparking and tidy year-round. But when temperatures drop and winter weather arrives, our spaces call for that extra something: a cozy feeling. 

Here are a few ways to meet the coldest season with plenty of warmth and joy.  


A Warming Entryway

The entryway is the first part of the home that you, your family and guests will see, and it should invite you to leave the cold, wet weather behind you. Create an entryway that feels both functional and welcoming, with room for guests to leave umbrellas, coats, hats and scarves. If possible, add a bench or chair, so weary visitors can easily remove damp boots. For more tips, read our guide to creating a joy-sparking entryway.  


House Shoes

In homes throughout Japan, you’ll find house slippers waiting for everyone at the front door, along with a rack for guests to leave their shoes. If you don’t regularly practice a “no shoes” policy in your home, consider trying one this winter. It will prevent anyone from tracking snow, rain and mud into the house, but more importantly, slippers (like these or these) keep toes warm and make the coldest days feel cozier.


Seasonal Scent

The power of scent is undeniable, and it can instantly change the feeling of any room. We like to switch up our usual scents in the winter, trading spring and summer florals for warming scents like Japanese cypress or rosewood. Try lighting a candle during your morning routine or before guests arrive will add ambient warmth to the home.


Throw Blankets

Some of us chill more easily than others. During the fall and winter, place extra blankets in the living room or other shared areas, so everyone can warm up as much as they like. To keep blankets tidy, add a storage basket to a corner where you can fold and return them when they’re not in use. 


Warm Lighting

The days are shorter, so make sure there’s plenty of lighting in each room. To make the home feel cozier, avoid overhead lights in favor of lamps and pendant lights and use warm light bulbs. When entertaining, add plenty of candlelight with pillars at the table or votives strategically placed around the room. 


Cozy Up Your Guest Room

If you’re hosting guests this winter, don’t forget to add some additional blankets to your guest room. If room allows, you might also consider adding an electric tea kettle and a selection of herbal or green tea. Nothing feels more welcoming on a cold night than a warm cup of tea before bed. For more ideas, read our expert guide to a joy-sparking guest room


Bathroom Accents

When thinking about seasonal changes, it’s easy to overlook the bathroom, but it’s one of the most trafficked rooms in the house! There are several simple ways to make it feel cozier. Add a candle to the countertop to light when hosting guests. Consider substituting your usual bath towels with warmer plush versions for the winter. Winter also tends to chap hands and cause sniffles, so keep a rich hand lotion and tissue box in sight! 


The weather outside might be dismal, but it makes evenings at home that much more joy-sparking. Ultimately, a cozy home comes down to how you spend your time  — and who you spend it with. Once you’ve applied a few of these techniques, we hope you’ll invite a few guests over to spend a few warm hours with you! 

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