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New Year, New Energy

Marie Kondo on Bringing New Energy to 2023

Hello, 2023. It’s going to be an exciting year here at KonMari, and I want to share our vision with you. 

So much has changed since I began my career. I certainly never anticipated winding up here! Beyond the books and Netflix series (which I still find unbelievable!), I have three children now. My life has changed — it is bigger, messier, more imperfect — and so my mission has changed, too. 

I have always believed that tidying and organization are a form of self-care. By making space for what we value most, we can find more peace in our daily lives. But over the last few years, I’ve begun to question more, discover more about myself, dig more deeply into my ideal life — and work every day at living it. If you’ve read my new book, this will likely sound familiar. I’m talking about kurashi.

And so KonMari is evolving — or, I should say, expanding — in celebration of that shift. I hope you’ll join us. Here is what you can expect from us in the coming year.

New Year, New Energy Month 

To start things off, we’re spending January exploring how to bring new energy into every aspect of your life. Whether you’ve set resolutions around completing your first tidying festival, starting a meditation habit, improving your relationships or simply speaking more gently to yourself, we will be publishing stories to help motivate you all month long.

“Organization is Self-Care”  

This is one of several mantras that will guide the direction of KonMari over the next 365 days. Tidying the home is only one part of living a more organized life, and organization is absolutely a form of self-care. In celebration of this, we’ll be publishing more stories on wellness and covering topics ranging from mental health to mindfulness rituals. We’re excited to explore new ideas with you.

Organization is Self-Care | Marie Kondo
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More Joy-Sparking Voices 

You may have noticed that we have started sharing tips from our certified KonMari Consultants in our stories (if not, read them here, here or here). This is intentional — there’s nothing like spending time with three young children to remind you that you don’t have all the answers! 

This year, we’ll be featuring even more new voices on our site, including more thoughts from our Consultants. And some other exciting news: We’re also bringing back our Q&As. I can’t reveal who we’re interviewing quite yet, but I promise their names will spark joy. 


We’re excited to take this journey with you. My kurashi has always involved spending time within this community. Let’s see where this next year takes us — together! 


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