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Introducing the “Spark Joy!” Mobile Game

I’m so excited to introduce my new mobile game “Spark Joy!” – a playful representation of how happiness found through tidying can be shared with others.

The game features two alternating types of puzzle games. In “Yin,” you will discover a calmer mind through Zen-like garden puzzles. In “Yang,” you can move colorful cubes into specified shapes while clearing away unnecessary blocks to keep only what sparks joy.

Spark Joy KonMari Mobile Game Marie Kondo and Avatar

The adorable characters – especially the big fluffy Futon – and the colorful, visually stunning scenes draw me right into its magical world. My hope is that this game will give you a new, joyful way to experience the KonMari Method – and the life-changing magic that tidying can bring.

I hope you adore this game as much as I do! Enjoy!

Now available for iOS and Android devices.


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