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What’s Sparking Joy for Marie, Summer 2022

Anytime we near a new season, I like to look back at what sparked joy for me over the last few months. Doing so fills me with gratitude and excitement for the coming months.

For me, the summer is a time to slow down and reconnect with nature, rest and fun. Over the last few months, Takumi and I have spent many days outdoors playing with our children, gardening and enjoying the longer evenings. Now, we’re getting back into school and work routines. We’re also planning our fall travels and special gatherings. Here are a few things that are sparking joy for me right now, between two seasons. I hope they inspire you to consider a few of your favorites!  


Items Made in Japan

Whenever I’m far from Japan, I miss the simplest things: how different the rice tastes, the bustling markets, the smell of incense at historic shrines. When I’m longing for those moments — or simply seeking a one-of-a-kind gift! — I turn to KonMari’s Made in Japan collection. Each piece is made with care by a Japanese artisan or studio, many of which have been in business for generations. I love the stories behind every object. 


Green Tea

I love enjoying a cup of green tea or matcha with breakfast or after lunch, but lately, I’ve been exploring new ways to use green tea in my routines. That includes making one of my favorite comfort foods: green tea rice. Depending on the week’s weather, you can serve the dish hot or cold.


Fresh Cut Flowers

I’ve only recently started exploring my passion for gardening, and I like to set periodic goals for trying new projects to learn new skills. I’ve been dreaming of planting a bouquet garden so that I can fill our home with fresh cut flowers every week.  Someday! Until then, I’ll continue picking up a bouquet or two from our local farmers market. I’m looking forward to seeing all the fall flowers appear at the stands — especially the bright orange marigolds.  


Shibori Dye Kit

I have always loved heritage crafts, and now that my girls are getting older, I’m excited to share some hobbies with them. While they’re not quite old enough yet for this indigo dye kit, I’m already planning to give it as a holiday gift to several friends. I might even use it myself to make napkins for dinner parties this fall! 

Tip: If spending an afternoon hand-dyeing doesn’t spark joy for you, there are many other crafts to explore! We recently added a Crafts and Hobbies collection to the Shop at KonMari for that very reason.



I’ve saved the last item on this list for one of my proudest accomplishments so far (besides my three children!): I have a new book publishing this fall, ”Kurashi at Home,” which is available now for pre-order. The idea of kurashi sparks endless joy for me. The word means “way of life” in Japanese and serves as my constant reminder to live more mindfully and meaningfully! While you (and I!) wait for the book to arrive, here is an article that explains the meaning of kurashi. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me!

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